Mentor Status - Confirmation


This is important for both Mentors and Students to understand the status of Mentors in the BSc programme.


Registered Mentors of the BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting are not employees or agents of Oxford Brookes University.

Students select their Mentor to guide them through their Research and Analysis Project - remember that a Mentor is NOT a tutor and must not teach the student.

The student engages their mentor on a "private" consultancy basis.  Most Mentors will charge a fee, either directly or through other teaching fees.  OBU does not set or regulate such fees - this is a private arrangement between Mentors and their students.

It is recommended that students and mentors agree terms of business before starting the Mentoring process.

All Mentors and Students are recommnded to draw up a Contract for Services of a mentor, to ensure that the service to be given and the monies to be paid are agreed and understood.



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